Hilmor 1937685 Orbital Flare Kit with Tubing Cutter and Deburring Tool

It is a beautiful kit for flaring, cutting, and deburring any tube made of soft metal. It has all that you need to make a perfect flare: off-center cone spins to effectively produce quality flares, a clutch mechanism to prevent the tube from cracking, 4-roller tracking system keeps tubes from threading.
Comes with a convenient plastic storage box (sometimes in cardboard one, ask the seller).

The kit works great, especially for mini-split flares. Just be sure to push up against the stop gauge pretty well and the flares come out perfect every time on the go, no go gauge. The clutch is useful when you are centering the flare tool over your pipe size, the stop is very convenient.

It takes quite a bit of pressure to close the block on the tubing. you have to squeeze the blocks together before you can get the yoke to move into position.

Sometimes it is also difficult to crank down on the handle to make the flare/swage. I have the yellow jacket deluxe flaring tool and it is much easier to make a flare with it. YJ seems to require much less effort to turn the handle to make the flare. I bought this tool primarily to make swages so I don’t think I will be using it to make flares anyway. I think the Hilmor compact swage tool would be easier to use.