Brake Line Repair

Often times, the brake line can be broken or worn out, which needs a repair. Usually, the elastic hoses in front of the wheel are often changed than the rear taut lines. If these problems occur you must repair it immediately. There is no assurance that your driving is safe if your brake line is damaged. Proper attention is required I your regular car maintenance. Get a brand new brake hose in your trusted auto supply stores before you start to repair the brake line on the front wheels of the vehicle (you can also use brake line flaring tool to prepare your metal tubing for replace). Lift the wheel and place jack stand beneath the car to ensure safety and carefully remove the wheel to have an easy access. Typically, there is a bracket or sliding clip molded to the upper support arm that steadily holds the brake line.

Remove the screw of the rake line from the tip of the rigid brake line, and then remove the screw in front of the caliper. In between the caliper and line is a gasket which is usually made up of copper. In changing brake line, new gasket is suggested. Set up the line and make sure not to cross thread the fittings. When you already installed the line and bracket was reattached, loosen to bleed screw on top of the caliper. Air and brake fluid should start to leak out. Fill up the master cylinder with new fluid; return the cap before closing the screw on the caliper. Ask for an assistance to check the brakes. Let someone pump the brake pedal several times and hold. Slightly loosen the screw and you can observe that fluid spurt out. The fluid is harmful when it enters your eye that is why you should wear protective goggles or glasses. In transferring fluid into a container use a small hose.

When the screw is loosened, the brake pedal will touch the floor. Tighten the screw and ask your assistant to pump the brakes again. Continue pumping until you observe that there is no air coming out from the screw when you loosen it and reinstall the wheel. Check all four wheels and make sure that there is no air entered into the system when you turned the brake line off. Before drive testing, make sure that your brake is in good condition. If it does not function properly, check them again that air is not present in the system and check the level of the fluid. The brake system has several parts that must be operated together for the system to work properly. If one part is malfunctioning, the driver may not easily stop the car that is why brake line repair is important.