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Tubing in the flaring tool
Tubing in the flaring tool

The site is dedicated to flares and flaring: for HVAC units and stainless tubing, brake lines and aircraft hydraulics and so on. On the website, you’ll find a lot of information about flaring tools. We will help to find instructions and manuals, to choose flaring tools and accessories, etc. We review the best products and talk about techniques, share news and features of the tools, connect you with professionals and life tricks to get things done.

Flares are compression fitting commonly used with usually soft steel, aluminum, and copper tubing, but sometimes are also used stainless steel and other materials.  Tube flaring is considered to be a cold working forging operation.  After assembly, flares produce a leak-tight and pressure-resistant seal with a high degree of long-term reliability. The connection has the ability to close and open the connection repeatedly without leaks.  The flared seal is an appropriate alternative to solder joints and does not require using an open flame. The joint is widely used and easily created with one simple and reliable tool.

Most often flaring used to make:


-Air conditioning connections
-Brake connections
-Underground plumbing connections
-Gas lines connections
-Oil supply lines
-Water service entrance
-Brake flaring tools

We recommend to begin with our Best Flaring Tool for HVAC, Stainless Steel, and Brake lines page.

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  1. Very good site. I’d like to be a part of a professional community with other knowledgeаble рeople to share our interest.
    Іf you have any suggestions, pleaѕe let me кnow. Thank you!

  2. Thanks for the reviews, I’ve bought Ridgid and it is absolutely amazing! After initially buying the Wilmar Performance version, which broke while making its first flare, as did its replacement, I decided to just spend the money to do it right. This tool may be five times the cost, but t gets the job done properly, easily, and it doesn’t break! The action is so smooth with this tool. It may be a bit difficult to work with in tight spaces, but no more so than any other tool.

  3. After reading a couple of negative reviews, I was hesitant to buy Ridgid Flaring Tool, but I had only one gas line to repair, so I took a chance. I cut the damaged section of copper tubing away, and practiced on that piece. The tool worked fine. So I put it on the freshly cut end of the remaining gas line, and again, it worked fine. Pressured up and tested the line…no leaks. This was copper tubing, but for this application, this tool is perfect.

  4. I have cheap ABN Double Flaring kit. It works well, and I advice it for the occasional use. Be sure and follow directions (on a back of the case) and your flares/double flares will be as expected. A bit of oil on the die also helps.

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